Solve Performance Issues with Horse Hair Analysis®

Every equestrian has come across a horse with unsolved health problems. Often it has nothing to do with a horse’s quality, pedigree, training or talent. Issues keep appearing that seemingly have no solution, and no amount of blood testing, bute, feed changes or layoffs seem to fix the problem. It’s a very frustrating situation.

A majority of today’s equine problems are nutritionally related. Allergies, Cushings, Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (EPSM), chronic body soreness, mystery lameness and a myriad of other conditions often involve mineral and electrolyte deficiencies and/or heavy metal toxicities.  Blood testing may indicate the horse is ‘normal’ while Horse Hair Analysis   will show serious imbalances

Blood testing is a good resource for acute problems, crisis situations and liver or kidney issues, but it does not address long term recurring problems.  When evaluated with Horse Hair Analysis®, at least 8 out of 10 lab results show significant nutritional concerns.  The test allows us to understand the full range of a horse’s biochemistry and promote overall health.

“Horse Hair Analysis is the most useful problem solving approach in my practice. This program allows me to resolve health issues when conventional diagnostics fail to find an answer.” – Mark DePaolo, DVM

Horse Hair Analysis® provides us with a tremendous opportunity to evaluate not only your horse’s health via his or her vitamin, mineral and metal levels, but it will also allow us to review how well your current feed and supplementation program is working.

The Horse Hair Analysis® process is simple.  A small sample of clean hair is cut from the mane near the bridle path and tested in a laboratory to detect mineral and metal levels in parts per million.  It is important that the hair not be chemically washed at the lab, as that would dramatically decrease the reliability of the results.  Lab results are then evaluated by a professional experienced with interpreting hair tests.

A thorough report complete with comprehensive graphs detailing each mineral and metal level, how they affect the body, common symptoms, and causes of the findings outside of the normal range is sent to the owner.  A feed program and supplement recommendation are also included as these are critical to understanding the protocol as well as educating the owner.

The only way to improve deficiencies is to increase the levels of the specific nutritional minerals and metals.  If toxic levels of metals have been identified, chelating ingredients will be necessary.

Only bio-available ingredients are included in the HHA Personal Supplement™ to achieve optimum health.  Horses that have been on the HHA Personal Supplement™ and a high quality daily vitamin & mineral supplement have shown dramatic improvement over the course of one year.

Horse Hair Analysis® is an emerging practice that allows greater insight into unsolved equine health and nutritional problems.  It is now possible to find causes for puzzling health problems and precisely address them through custom nutritional supplementation.  For more information on Horse Hair Analysis® or to have your horse tested, please visit www.depaoloequineconcepts.com.