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The average appointment takes 30-45 minutes per horse.  To begin, Dr. DePaolo performs a thorough physical exam of your horse to find the areas causing pain. He then works from head to tail doing skeletal manipulation, including picking up all four legs, to restore balance and motion to the musculoskeletal system.

Dr. DePaolo will then go through a final exam to find out if your horse needs acupuncture to treat any trigger points or health concerns.  Acupuncture is often used after an equine veterinary chiropractic treatment to eliminate these issues at an early stage.  The points are chosen after palpation reveals increased or decreased reflexes and differences in tissue quality (firm, soft, yielding to pressure, tightening under pressure, cold, warm, etc.).

Horses demonstrating issues which need further evaluation with x-rays, ultrasounds, etc., will be referred to the appropriate veterinary clinic for treatment.

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